Official distributor of Jet Car in Europe →
Official distributor of Jet Car in Europe →


Drive on water!

The dream comes true... Driving luxury cars on water is now possible!

Official distributor

The Jet car is a different product from the boat and the jetski. Our desire was to innovate and create a buzz... How about a car on water! And there was born the JETCAR, the jet car on water!

Manufactured by a team of passionate craftsmen (Made in Europe), we are the official distributors for the countries of Europe. We offer you production quality, an attractive and customizable design... All with unparalleled performance!

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Take advantage of your jetcar now and be the first to navigate the sea in a luxury car!

We will be present at the Boat Show : Boot Düsseldorf from January 20 to 28, 2024
Hall 9, stand D74


Our projects

Our know-how in pictures... All our Jetcars can be personalized and your muse!



Our Jet cars are fully customizable and modifiable. Enjoy the sea freely and to your liking.

Customizable design

Our original design allows us to customize your jet car as you wish. Colours, bodywork,... Originality makes the difference!


Equipped with a jet engine, this little racing car can easily reach 45 miles per hour. It also has a video screen and a sound system.

Production & fast delay

Our production times are extremely fast and guaranteed. Production, delivery & support in European countries.

Easy to drive

Easy to handle and secure. The jetcar is accessible to everyone. Have fun while combining safety & innovation without the need for a driving license.

Promotional tool

Need a next-gen marketing tool? Opt for a jet car personalized to your muse... You will create a direct buzz! Visibility, originality... What more could you ask for!

Rental yield

This concept speaks for itself! At the same time, innovative, efficient & safe, the luxury jetcar will satisfy its fans in no time!


To each his dream...

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